Elevated Urbanism | Yinan Fang

The Bloomingdale Line was a 2.7-mile elevated railroad running east-west on the northwest side of Chicago. In 2015, the city of Chicago converted it into an elevated greenway called the Bloomingdale Trail, which forms the backbone of the linear park and trail network called the 606. This elevated park passes through the Chicago neighborhoods of Logan Square, Humboldt Park, and West Town. The 606 Trail represents a new type of urban public space in the Chicago neighborhoods, which is elevated to the second floor. How would the 606 influence the surrounding communities? How would new buildings emerge because of this new elevated park? The proposal is not a fixed set of components aiming to be constructed, but a prophecy for the building types along the 606. Public spaces are elevated to the second floor while the first floor remains more private for people’s living and logistics, which is called “second-floor urbanism” or “elevated urbanism”.
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