UD 712 Queens

Instructed by McLain Clutter
Fall 2018

This studio is rooted in observation. Following a long legacy of urban design practice and theory grounded in empirical analysis, students will assume that the city-as-found is latent with undisciplined design knowledge, and that by taking account of that knowledge through the tools of the urban designer. Students will concentrate their efforts on typological investigations, probing Queens for urban types – buildings, blocks, streets, landscapes, and more – that can be studied and reapplied to our studio’s site, which will be in Detroit, the Banglatown neighborhood. This studio will view Banglatown’s available property as an opportunity. We will scrutinize the neighborhood’s contexts for potential for urban design interventions, anticipating future waves of immigration and relocation to Banglatown.

Image Queens County, 1838
from New York Public Library Digital Collections

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