UD 714 Drawing Collectives-III
Instructed by Cyrus Peñarroyo
Fall 2019

“Axonometric drawings have been slid in between the perspective and orthographic projections as an expeditious way of representing the third dimension without sacrificing the scale measure of plan, elevation, and section.”
– Robin Evans, “The Projective Cast: Architecture and its Three Geometries”

“An oblique projection usually shows the receding side in correct size but with a distortion of angles. By habit and by indoctrination we read those angles as right angles even if they are drawn as acute or obtuse.”
– Massimo Scolari, “The Mechanism of Representation”

The exercise asks students to focus their attention on a selection of small, urbanistically-minded design firms. Each group of students will be assigned a designer to closely analyze. More specifically, an image (or set of images) by the designer will be assigned for students to extract properties and qualities and to apply them to their own oblique drawing from previous exercise.

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