Bridging the City | Salvador Lindquist, Abbie Probst, Liyah Mariam George
Arch 509 | Emerging Urbanisms in Deindustrializing Urban Regions
Instructed by María Arquero de Alarcón
Fall 2019

The meandering Cuyahoga River runs through the city of Cleveland on its way to Lake Erie, carving spectacular views for those crossing one of the many bridges that stitch east and west. Connecting both sides of the river, down in the valley or up in the higher city grounds, the constellation of bridges shape the historical identity of the industrial valley. This project aims to amplify the opportunities for interaction between the city and the Cuyahoga valley activating the bridges as social infrastructures and places of encounter. The high-level transit bridges and elevated rail perform as architectural icons for the city dweller and celebrate the working river as a spine of industrial transportation. The low level movable bridges, drawbridge, swing bridge vertical swing bridge) is an architectural performance. Identifying these spaces and pedestrian corridors throught the city, the project activates these infrastructural landmarks through a series of tactical moves driving new occupations, opportunities economic activity, and engagement zones.

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