Cultivating Wilderness | Yixin Miao, Sarah Peterson, Kevin Bechard
Arch 509 | Emerging Urbanisms in Deindustrializing Urban Regions
Instructed by María Arquero de Alarcón
Fall 2019

This projects seeks to build upon that invitation, employing the towpath as a spine of ecological regeneration in support of biodiversity and resilience. Abandoned railways and urban voids are deconstructed, unpaving the way from Lake Erie to the Cuyahoga Valley. The resulting corridor is inspired by the knowledge that nature is self-spreading, self-healing. It seeks to support wildlife as it seeks to survive, adapt, and migrate across an increasingly fragmented landscape with a rapidly changing climate. Habitats are constructed in seemingly uninhabitable spaces, dissolving the boundary between the natural and built environments. It doesn’t take much to invite nature back in. In fact, it’s already here.
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