ST{AI} Xiong’an | Wanrongmiao Mila Zhang, Michael Ferguson, Jingya Annabelle Guan
Arch 509 | ST{AI} Space, Time and Artificial Intelligence
Instructed by Matias Del Campo
Winter 2020

Our group worked on the CITYX Project- an urban design vision for Xiong’an China- which is scheduled for presentation at the upcoming Venice Architecture Biennale, Venice Italy. We are encouraged to explore how city textures can inform new urban designs within urban elements. According to the government’s plans, we proposed to build a new modern city with characteristics of Chinese ancient capital. For machine learning, we collected thousands of satellite images of western and Chinese capital cities. Then we trained VGG to make sure machines could learn our cities by themselves. At last, we input the Xiong’an image to calculate outcomes.

Summary of Syllabus: The rise of Artificial Intelligence in recent years have posed a challenge to the architecture community. How will this novel technology impact our profession? This course interrogates the rise of AI from two distinct directions: The implication for the discourse of the discipline, and the technical know how to make an impact as an architect in the emerging ecology of AI applications.

ST{AI} Xiong'an from Mila Zhang on Vimeo.


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