we perch upon the beliefs and uncertainties that transcend contextual variabilities.

Empirical Urbanism |


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Empirical Urbanism | 

Learning From Las Vegas:
A Retroactive Manifesto for Suburbanism

Robert Venturi
Denise Scott Brown
Steven Izenour

Film |  

Tokyo Story

by Yasujiro Ozu

year 1953

Film |

Supersurface - An alternative model for life on the Earth

by Superstudio
Image by Superstudio. Theme between nature and humanity
Art |

The Happiness Machine

by Mark Lascelles Thornton

“An allusion to modern consumerism and roboticized lives we currently live”
Film |


by Jacques Tati
Firm |

Drawing Architecture Studio

“These axonometric projections are not necessarily all about representing spaces in an orderly, logical way...capturing the phenomenology of urban life”

Memory |

Thingking Architecture

by Peter Zumthor

Image buildings at the old Allmannajuvet zinc mines in Sauda

Right |

The Right To The City

David Harvey
Image by John Urquiza/Sin Turistas

Drawing |

Drawing Architecture: The Finest Architectural Drawings Through the Ages

by Thomas, Helen

An elegant presentation of stunning and inspiring architectural drawings from antiquity to the present day "Drawings... are not only visually entertaining but they serve as a way of educating and learning fundamental architectural representations."—ArchDaily

Image architecturelab

Film |

Blade Runner 2049

Denis Villeneuve

Informal Urbanism |

Forms of Informality: 
Morphology and Visibility of Informal Settlements

by Kim Dovey. Ross King
Image from passage

Ephemeral Urbanism |

Programming the Urban Surface

by Alex Wall 

Image OMA parc-de-la-villette

Utopian Urbanism |

Programming In Defence of Utopian Urbanism: Imagining Cities After the “End of Utopia”

by David Pinder

Image Archizoom/Gilberto Corretti, No Stop City, 1970

Social Urbanism |

Social Urbanism and the Politics of Violence: The Medellín Miracle

by K. Maclean

Image Welcome to Medellín

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