UD 714 Revealing Information-II
Instructed by Cyrus Peñarroyo
Fall 2019

“My concern over this technology is not whether geodemographics really can accurately predict profitable marketing strategies, but rather that geodemographics displays a strategic intent to control social life and that the ideological conception of identity and social space within the model may become real––in other words, that the assumptions will be validated as strategies take effect.”
– Jon Goss

The exercise studies the logics of the built environment through obtaining, visualizing, and implementing the geographic information. Statistics like age, race, ethnicity, language, and income onto one-square-mile maps of Chicago that include  roads,  blocks,  parks,  and  other  geographic  information. The resultant drawings can be thought of as alternate zoning maps, ones that might yield expected developments but also catalyze surprising urban interventions.

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